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$30 per track
Average Turnaround Time: 3 days Revisions: 3 per track
Free Mixdown Tips Full Money Back Guarantee Secure Payment via PayPal Delivery of 24-bit 44khz WAV & 320 kbs MP3 versions
Rojazu "I initially got this edit to a point where I was pretty sure it couldn’t sound much better, but Foundom’s mastering really pushed it over the top - it boosted the bass without being overpowering, brightened the high-mids so they cut a little harder, and loudened the track to competitive levels while managing to keep the transients tight. The best part may have been the turnaround time, which was unbelievably quick for the quality. Couldn’t recommend higher."
Mer "Made the best mixdown possible with my limited setup and Foundom took it to the next level. My drums stood out, my mix seemed even cleaner and the loudness was something I was really amazed with. They achieved an overall clean, punchy and loud master that polished my and just took my track to the next level."
Monte Del Monte "Foundom is top notch in mastering. If you’re a newbie or a pro these are your guys… well I guess if you’re a pro you’re working with Deadmau5’s mastering engineer… actually don’t worry about Deadmau5, Foundom is amazing."
Harga "Foundom is really helping me step up my game with their mastering service. Instead of mastering my track with my mix flaws already in it, they gave me helpful pointers to fix sonic issues at the mix level before they mastered my track. This is rare to find in this industry at this price."
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